A team dedicated to building sustainable homes for the future

At William Abbott Developments, our united mission is to harness our collective expertise, working tirelessly to design, plan, and construct the safest, most exceptional residential homes throughout the South West of England.

Furthermore, we are committed to reducing waste through material recycling and maximizing resource efficiency with the utmost care.

  • Design

    We strive to design the most optimal scheme for the development site to maximise its potential and make use of every inch of space we have available.

  • Planning

    Our site management team will take complete care of the planning process to ensure a successful outcome.

  • Build

    At William Abbott, we pride ourselves on designing, planning, and building the highest quality residential homes using the latest modern construction techniques.

  • Market

    Upon the successful completion of any of our developments, we will either sell the properties or hold them as an investment that will grow in value over the years.

Contact us today

If you’re a landowner, know somebody who owns land, or are an investor that would like to be part of the ever-growing UK housing market - please do get in touch.

If you are skilled, work with us

We are always growing our team so if you are based in the South West and are skilled in any of the following, please contact us.

  • Site Manager
  • Heating Engineer
  • Plasterer
  • Brick Layer
  • Ground Worker
  • Decorator
  • Carpenter
  • Electrician

Land & Planning

We take pride in collaborating with a highly skilled team in land and planning, delivering numerous projects across the South West.

If you possess land or know someone who might be interested, please reach out to us. Introduction fees are offered for any successful land purchases.